Westerhall Rum - Official Rum Sponsor

The Westerhall Estate has been producing sugar cane, bananas, limes and rum on the island of Grenada since the early 18th century. Today, the estate is owned by the Williams and Wells families and has been since the 1940s

They have refined, perfected and protected the fundamental principles behind the production of Westerhall rum - it is still infused with native scents and flavours, is still aged in oak barrels, and still has a distinctive buttery, honey-sweet yet spicy character. Thanks to their efforts it now wins prestigious international awards including The Spirits Business Rum Masters Challenge and the International Taste and Quality Institute's Superior Taste Award.

Westerhall has four flagship rums, named for the years they are aged for: No 3, No 5, No 7 and No 10. Each has a distinctive flavour profile, but there is a consistent theme across the range of natural Grenadian spice. Recently rebranded, they have achieved great success in 2016 winning distribution across the UK and acclaim from some of the best mixologists and spirits connoisseurs in London. They don't take themselves too seriously, however, and Westerhall are excited to bring a little Grenadian party atmosphere to the Cowes Week celebrations in 2017.

Westerhall at Lendy Cowes Week

Westerhall were offering early evening discounts to competitors at the ever popular Rum Shack on Cowes Parade. They threw a hugely popular Carribean Party on the first Saturday and supplied their delicious rums for the Cowes Week Ltd Cocktail Party at the Royal Yacht Squadron, Ladies Day Reception at Northwood House and the Fever-Tree Crew Cap Party at Shepards Marina. Their take on the classic sailors' tipple, Dark 'n' Stormy, the Grenadine infused "Pink 'n' Stormy" cocktail is now a perennial favourite at the event.