13:00 Tuesday 7 Aug 2018 Rupert Holmes/CWLDay 3 Lunchtime Update

Racing is now getting underway on Lendy Ladies Day after a postponement waiting for the wind to fill in. Photo: Paul Wyeth

After a postponement waiting for a sea breeze to build this morning the wind in the central Solent has built in the last half hour to a west south-westerly of 8-11 knots and the starting sequences are now getting under way.

The first finishers are expected to be the larger Black Group yachts, which will approach the Royal Yacht Squadron line from the west under spinnaker from 1545 onwards. White Group Dayboats will again finish on the new Breakwater Line, which can be seen from The Parade, from a similar time. In both cases the finishing sequences are likely to last for up to two hours.

Today is Lendy Ladies Day, a celebration of women in sailing and their many achievements in all aspects of the sport. More than 30 per cent of competitors are women, across all fleets, including dozens of all-women teams. 

Among them, Blind Sailing World Champion and Lendy Ladies Trophy nominee Lucy Hodges will be helming aql CEO Professor Adam Beaumont’s Hanse 445 Ratatosk in Cruiser Division A. The Lendy Ladies Day trophy will be presented to this year’s winner at a lavish ceremony at Northwood House this evening.

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