11:58 Tuesday 7 Aug 2018 Sue Pelling/LCWRound the World Clipper girls reunite on Lendy Ladies Day

Clipper girls reunite on Lendy Ladies Day photo Tom Gruitt/LCW

Jennifer Burgis and team who competed together in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race in 2015/16 on Qingdao and Team Garmin have joined forces once again here at Lendy Ladies Day.

Following a recent reunion at the Round the Island Race, the girls jumped at the chance of sailing one of Performance Yacht Racing’s charter yachts for Lendy Ladies Day.

Chatting as they prepared for today’s racing aboard a Grand Soleil 43 Jua Kali, Burgis said: “We had an invite from Performance Yacht Racing to come and do ladies day so we are really excited to be here. There are actually seven of us here from the Clipper race.”

“I think Ladies Day is really important and I think it’s great because it’s recognising women, and getting women out on the water.”

Caroline Bowen, who is on the helm today said it feels great to be sailing together as a team again. We experienced a lot during our round the world challenge, so it is a delight to be racing back on the Solent and putting our light airs skills to the test 

Talking about the sort of conditions the team is likely to expect today, Bowen said: “I described today’s conditions as gender agnostic because I think in the lower wind speeds it doesn’t really matter about how strong you are.

“This is the point where girls and guys have got a completely level playing field on the water. Round the Island Race a few weeks ago was much the same and we did pretty well there because we didn’t need strength, so it wasn’t a disadvantage that we were girls. Weather like this is fabulous for us”

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