19:02 Monday 6 Aug 2018 Sue Pelling/LCWWinners' quotes

Exciting times with 100 Squibs on the startline photo Paul Wyeth/LCW

A selection of quotes from some of the winners of today's races

Brett Aarons, Quarter Tonner, Aguila

“It was a classic western Solent course today. After the start we tacked early to benefit from tidal relief from the mainland shore and then it was a matter of keeping cover on the fleet until the windward mark. From there on it was a procession and a very enjoyable race in fairly stable conditions. The wind actually picked up to 12kts at one point, so we had plenty of good boat speed, and Sam [Laidlaw] sailed the boat well.”

Giles Peckham, Daring, Dauntless

“So far so good. We had a great race today, albeit late starting, and it was a nice long race. We did however, have an awful start because the ‘Z’ flag to indicate a 20 percent penalty for being over made everyone hold back a bit. We therefore got caught in dirty air in totally the wrong place.

“Thankfully my excellent crew of my wife Jane, Milo Carver and Richard Romer-Lee insisted we checked out where the first mark was before the start and, on the beat up the mainland shore, we knew exactly where to go, while the others seemed to sail further up. We hit the lay-line perfectly and although we did actually arrive at the first mark level with Audax, we sneaked ahead on the next leg and held our lead to the finish.”

 Steve Warren-Smith, Squib, Aquabat

“Hats off to the race officers who made a great call in postponing the race until the wind filled in. We had one general recall and sailed a good beat up The Green working the tides and tacks. Having an echo-sounder was valuable too and we managed to inch ahead. Once in the lead, in clear air it was all about keeping the fleet behind. Really pleased to be on track this early in the regatta and we are looking forward to more of the same tomorrow.”

Jason Owen, XOD, Fury

“We are all delighted. We have the boat, and crew, nicely tuned-up from Cowes Classic Week and everything just seemed to go to plan today.

“We started midway along the line, and had good speed. We had five close crosses on the beat but we were always in the top three or four. I think our result today was down to crew work. Everyone worked really hard and the boat was in the groove and climbing all the time and finished just ahead of XL.”

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