13:00 Monday 6 Aug 2018 Rupert Holmes/CWLDay 3 Lunchtime update

This morning has seen a long wait for a sea breeze, but the twon is buzzing. Photo: Tom Gruitt/CWL

A long wait for the sea breeze to fill in will hopefully be over in the early afternoon. Although a pleasantly cooling light north-westerly breeze is funnelling into Cowes Harbour and the River Medina, out in the central Solent the wind completely stopped at 1230. Before that, a handful of boats, including Francois Lognone’s MC34 Nutmeg Solidaire en Peloton, had been trying to sail in the starting area off the Royal Yacht Squadron, but were being swept backwards by the incoming tide. However, the wind is forecast to fill in later this afternoon, allowing racing to get away.

In the meantime the town is buzzing on shore, including the activities of Lendy Cowes Week’s official charity, the I851 Trust, which has a host of interesting workshops for children, as well as a treasure hunt.

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