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  Cruiser A class
Posted by Gordon Lyon. Inspire. on Mon Aug 20, 13:58 [3734-12290]
Hi Lawrence. We raced in the cruiser A class which turned out very competitive. One of the things we noticed was the wide variety of ratings in the class. Some yachts were virtually stripped out racers with hi tech materials whilst some of us still had carpets, cushions and candles on board (I kid you not) I believe the aim of this class was to encourage less competitive crews to join in Cowes week. Is there anything that can be done to close the gap.
  Cruiser A class
Posted by Laurence Mead on Thu Aug 30, 13:10 [3734-12291]
Dear Colin,

Thanks for your message and apologies for the delay in replying. Yes....!...I noticed the same thing and clearly we need to do something to address this. I am pretty sure we will ban any boat with plastic sails from Cruiser Class for a start. I don't think it's right to race a boat with the latest plastic sails in Cruiser Class so that's probably an easy one. I am thinking that we might also need a 'Cruiser-Racer Class' to sit between IRC and Cruisers for those boats which are more racy but for whatever reason don't want to race IRC. It's a work in progress but we will make sure the Cruiser Class is genuinely cruisers in 2019. Thanks for racing and hope to see you in 2019. Cheers, Laurence
  Cruiser A class
Posted by Laurence Mead on Mon Nov 26, 11:58 [3734-12293]
Hi Colin,

We are about to post the Advance Notice of Race for 2019 and we have toughened up the wording on which boats will be allowed to enter and I think we will run 4 divisions to make the boats closer in size and speed within each division so the racing stays tighter for the boats i each division. More to come but wanted you top know (and spread the word!) that the cruiser divisions in 2019 are being closed monitored.

Best regards,
Laurence Mead
Regatta Director
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