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  Cruiser classes
Posted by Rebecca Taylor Buchanan on Tue Aug 07, 23:19 [3726-12276]
Why havenít we been mentioned in any of the daily round ups so far?! Lots of people, some good racing 😊
  Cruiser classes
Posted by Laurence Mead on Mon Nov 26, 13:05 [3726-12294]
Hi Rebecca

We are about to post the Advance Notice of Race for 2019 and we have toughened up the wording on which boats will be allowed to enter Cruiser division and I think we will run 4 divisions to make the boats closer in size and speed within each division so the racing stays tighter. More to come but wanted you to know (and spread the word!) that the cruiser divisions in 2019 should deliver great racing for proper cruisers!

Best regards

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