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  Sigma 33 Class as part of Class 6
Posted by Laurence Mead on Tue Jul 31, 11:51 [3712-12233]
Sigma 33 Class.

There was a question about the Sigma 33 class start which seems to have gone missing from the forum (at least I can't find it!) so for the avoidance of confusion a quick note to say that the Sigma 33 class is still getting extracted results from IRC Class 6 BUT that the Sigma 33's will also race as IRC boats in that class and be eligible for Class 6 trophies.

We had anyway combined the starts as we can't really run stand alone starts for less than 10 boats so it made sense to integrate them into IRC class 6 as well as giving them a class result.

Hopefully this will give great racing for both the Sigma's and IRC 6.

Best regards

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