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  Daily Prizegiving
Posted by Ian Cooke on Sun Jul 29, 15:20 [3707-12203]
Hi Laurence

As one of the smallest boats taking part in Cowes Week we race in Cruiser Class C and were lucky enough to win a few races last year.
We subsequently received a text message inviting us to the daily prize giving and duly attended only to discover, on at least one occasion, that there was no trophy or award for our class!
Whilst the cruiser classes may be considered to be less important than IRC or one design classes, could I ask that a prize is awarded for every race or if not, the winner isn't sent an invitation to the prize giving.
This is my only minor misgiving about what is always a fabulous regatta.Many thanks.
  Daily Prizegiving
Posted by Laurence Mead on Mon Jul 30, 16:04 [3707-12225]
The Cruiser CLass is a big part of Lendy Cowes Week and one we are very happy to include. A win is a win as they say!!! Well done last year.

The simple answer is that there are some days when the club who is that days nominated Club of the Day does have a Cruiser Class Trophy and some days they don't. Every day we give out daily prizes for the top 3 which are available from Regatta House here on the Parade.

I have emailed you a list of club trophies and the days they are raced for.

Best regards and have a great week!
  Daily Prizegiving
Posted by Ian Cooke on Mon Jul 30, 17:33 [3707-12226]
Many thanks Laurence.

The main point that I was trying to make is that it can be a bit of a disappointment for a crew to be invited to a prize giving as a race winner only to watch everyone else receive a prize but not them.
I accept that there can't be a trophy for every class every day and would like to suggest that those who have won a race for which there is no trophy either aren't sent an invitation to the prize giving or are invited but told that there is no trophy for them to receive.
  Daily Prizegiving
Posted by Laurence Mead on Tue Jul 31, 12:29 [3707-12234]
Totally agree Ian. I have had a chat with the results team and we will try to avoid that sense of disappointment.


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