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  Lendy Lounge TV studio
Posted by Si on Sat Jul 21, 22:12 [3698-12168]
Looking forward to the extended CowesWeek TV output from the Lendy Lounge TV Studio. Can you give any idea what we can look forward to?
  Lendy Lounge TV studio
Posted by Laurence Mead on Mon Jul 23, 11:58 [3698-12172]
The Lendy Lounge will form part of the overall TV coverage showing interviews with sailors and local people while the race coverage will continue from the RYS line camera's as per last year. The Lendy Lounge gives us another option to get interesting people in front of the camera with news, opinions and observations. With the new Breakwater finish line replacing the Shrape line the Lendy Lounge can also see finishers on that line as they complete the courses.
Hope you enjoy!
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