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Posted by Bob baker on Sat Jul 21, 14:34 [3696-12165]
Will the format of the SMS course messages remain the same as 2017?

And when will you be sending a test message please.

EXPEDITION Nav software has a facility to automate the import of texted courses on a pc in a few seconds. Bur if CWL changes the format then it can take a few days for the authour (Nick White) to update and re-release the code.
Posted by Andrew Rayner on Sat Jul 21, 17:13 [3696-12166]
No changes to the format for 2018.

We may run some tests in the week leading up to the start of the regatta, so that people can check that they're receving course messages on their phone and also see how the course will display in the new Competitor App.

We'll keep you posted on plans...
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