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  Defined Courses For Committee Boat Starts
Posted by Chris Halewood on Wed Jul 18, 16:26 [3689-12150]
Hello Laurence,
Well done on building some variety into the week by adding some Windward Leeward courses.

Defined Course LD. Do we have to cross the Start/Finish line on every Windward/Leeward leg like a gate between the committee boats or only on at the start and the finish?

Really looking forward to these so please can we (IRC7) sail them on Wednesday & Friday when we have committee boat starts.

Thanks, Chris
  Defined Courses For Committee Boat Starts
Posted by Laurence Mead on Fri Jul 20, 16:01 [3689-12158]
Hi Chris

Thanks for your "idea"! We hadn't planned to use the Committee boat starts for windward leeward racing at the latter part of the week but, why not! We are looking at the options now and will see what we can do.
It can only be for a few classes due to resources (and space on the water) but it could be an interesting option. I can't promise anything but it's interesting as a concept.
Stand-by for an update in due course.
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