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  Boat from Lymington to Cowes
Posted by Yvonne Paddy on Tue Jul 03, 16:12 [3672-12111]
Can you tell me if anyone is organising a boat to take people from Lymington To Cowes during Cowes Week ?
  Boat from Lymington to Cowes
Posted by Laurence Mead on Sun Jul 08, 18:41 [3672-12118]
Hi Yvonne,

We had hoped to run a Lymington to Cowes ferry but I am afraid there was a very limited take up of it and we have had to cancel it as a result.

We will put it back on the agenda for next year and include a discounted booking option with the entry fee online which will hopefully secure it's support from enough people early on for us to be sure it can run.

Sorry we can't make it happen for 2018.


  Boat from Lymington to Cowes
Posted by Bob baker on Sat Jul 21, 14:23 [3672-12164]
Pity, I never heard a request for who would be interested in a direct ferry Lym-Cowes . How was it advertised?

I and some of our crew will traverom Lymington and Brockenhurst to West Cowes via the Hythe Ferry to Town Quay southampton and then via the RedJet to Cowes. Services are usually twice an hour, there is a discounted thru return fare and parking at Hythe is free if you have a NFDC car park pass. The only problem is on Sunday morning when the first blue funnel ferry from Hythe is too late to make most of the starts. They put on a special service for CW last year but it was not advertised well and only 3 people used it so they wonít do it this year. Anyone interested in chartering a Rib for the Sunday am?
  Boat from Lymington to Cowes
Posted by Laurence Mead on Wed Jul 25, 12:05 [3672-12181]
We have a RIB company who can run a Lymington / Cowes service for 25 pounds per round trip. Is there a demand for this? 12 passengers per trip, up to three trips per morning evening of required. Let me know if any interest.

Best regards,

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