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Posted by John Brown on Mon Feb 05, 11:01 [3619-12011]
Can you say that we are not going to have a series of windward Lee ward courses next year
We need Traditional Cowes week courses.
If we want to do windward leeward courses we would sail at classic week Cowes week needs to keep its identity
Posted by Laurence Mead on Mon Feb 05, 12:10 [3619-12013]
Hi John, The first question and a good one.

Courses" everyone's favourite topic at Cowes Week!

The goals are;

1) Variety, maybe last year some of the courses were a bit repetitive for some classes.

2) Balance of going East and West as much as we can deliver it. Everybody I speak to wants to see as much of the Solent as they can over the week.

3) Open course racing (as our American friends call it) which is what the Solent delivers best, including the need to do a bit of navigation but with the wind angles making for good sailing. (EG as it gets windier make sure the wind angles open up on the reaches so spinnakers are still viable)

4) I am working with all classes (and looking for feedback from the IRC classes still) on a play book for the week so you all have a better idea of what it is we are trying to deliver course wise each day.

We can skew courses to be more windward / leeward or more triangular (we used to sail triangle-sausage-triangle as an Olympic course once upon a time) and I am hoping that if that is agreed in advance and we can deliver it on the day (wind dependent of course!) then everybody will feel they got what they wanted.

The goal is a bit of everything and not all W/L

5) Some reaching or running starts for all but ideally off lines which give the leeward boats a bow forward position to make that an attractive starting option.

6) Some running finishes off the Green / RYS. Everyone I speak to loves the tradition and wants at least a few finishes there.

That's a start...thoughts?

Posted by Mark Downer on Mon Feb 05, 12:54 [3619-12015]
Topic Plastics in the Solent
I have noted in previous years some of the Cowes week sponsors plastic decals become dethatched from boats during racing. Given what we now know concerning plastics and the marine environment would this be a good time for Lendy Cowes week to take the lead and stop the use of plastics Decals.
We as sailors all dearly enjoy the Solent and are responsible for maintaining it for future generations.
While we all appreciate our sponsors I hope we are able to support Lendy in any alternative marketing strategy.
Posted by Roger Wickens on Mon Feb 05, 13:13 [3619-12017]
Last year the courses for Tuesday’s racing were dangerous. A number of succeeding classes were set windward/leeward loops in the same area, with classes sailing through the mark rounding areas of other classes. The setting of loops should not take place.
PS I am an experienced sailor and RO.
Posted by Laurence Mead on Mon Feb 05, 13:57 [3619-12019]
Hi Roger, Hope all well. I remember sailing against you in Etchells.

The PRO's and course setters make every effort to keep the fleets apart and of course safety is our number one concern.

We have already had one meeting since I joined on the topic and we have another at the end of the month. I'll make sure your concern is mentioned but rest assured it's on the list off issues as regards course setting.

Best regards, Laurence
Posted by Laurence Mead on Mon Feb 05, 15:09 [3619-12022]
Hi Mark,

Hope all well. Please see the Q&A about plastics in the adjacent question. Happy to discuss further but have answered that question to keep this one about courses.

Cheers, Laurence
Posted by Johnny Lyell on Thu Jun 14, 11:12 [3619-12075]
I first sailed XOD's at Cowes about 30 years ago, when the starts were all on the Squadron, and the courses took us on a merry route around the Solent. Over the years, this has been changed to starting a lot of the time over on the Bramble and courses which try to be more "Upwind/Downwind". The starts & finishes on the Squadron are famous, and I have had at least one pretty good sailor - James Grogono 0f the Icarus Foiling Cat which held the World Speed Record - travelling all the way to Cowes to have the experience of helming an XOD on the Squadron start line. He loved it. So should we go back to the "old ways"? With the XOD numbers this year down to a level I have never seen; I'd think we need to at least have an open forum on the subject.......
Posted by john HOUGHTON on Sat Jul 28, 11:11 [3619-12197]

the new app is first class, but you cannot enter the start line or finish line can this be added
Posted by Andrew Rayner on Sat Jul 28, 12:03 [3619-12199]
John, the official Lendy Cowes Week App hasn't appeared on the App Stores for download yet, so whatever you're looking at isn't anything to do with us I'm afraid!
Posted by Simon McNamara on Sun Jul 29, 18:22 [3619-12205]
Laurence, great thread. I’d say for Black Group, especially in mid IRC fleets, there is a tendency to set courses that are too long, especially when there is a light forecast. Would be interesting to know what the general rule is on length by course setters.
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