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  Class Splits
Posted by Charles on Sun Jul 29, 21:46 [3685-12208]
When do you expect the finalised splits to be available?
  Class Splits
Posted by Gary Hammond on Mon Jul 30, 10:53 [3685-12213]
Whats happened to the Sigma 33 class. Last week there were 6 boats entered now they've disappeared. We had enough boats last year to warrant one so why have we lost our class? Last year we lost the red cap party.

It now looks like we have to race on the second saturday, but are supposed to race in their own irc class but there isn't one for sigma 33's
  Class Splits
Posted by Laurence Mead on Thu Aug 02, 17:26 [3685-12258]
Hi Gary,

I couldn't find this post for ages, just seen it now but have already answered in a separate forum message. We merged the Sigma 33 class into IRC 6 but will do extracted results for Sigmas as well. We need ten boats for a separate class start I'm afraid. It makes the sequence far too log if we don't set some kind of minimum number. I'm sure the Sigmas will get great racing within IRC 6.
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