Fever-Tree : Tonic Waters and Mixers Sponsor

At Fever-Tree it's all about taste, which is why co-founders Charles and Tim have travelled to some of the most remote, beautiful (and dangerous) regions of the world to source the highest quality natural ingredients from small specialist suppliers.

The question was simple: why craft premium spirits and then compromise the experience with poor quality mixers? So, in 2004, they began creating mixers using natural and fresh ingredients. Fever-Tree's highly carbonated drinks consist of small bubbles for a smooth, delicate texture that carries the flavour of the botanicals in each mixer and enhances the aromas of the spirits they are intended to be mixed with.

Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water launched in the UK in early 2005. The brand name was chosen due to fever tree being the colloquial name for the cinchona tree in which quinine, the key ingredient for tonic, is found.

The highest quality quinine was sourced from the Rwanda Congo border and blended with spring water and eight botanical flavours, including rare ingredients such as marigold extracts and a bitter orange from Tanzania. Crucially, no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or flavourings were added.

Since launching, Fever-Tree have developed a portfolio of thirteen mixers - each recipe taking a similarly intrepid attitude to sourcing quality botanicals. The result is a range of delicious drinks to mix or enjoy on their own.

Fever-Tree at Lendy Cowes Week