Saturday 11th August Issued: 1700 Friday 10th August

Weather summary

Synoptic chart

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Low pressure deepening west of Ireland on Saturday and a ridge of high pressure over north France. A warm front will creep towards the Solent during Saturday, bringing rain by the late afternoon.


South westerly winds will fall calm for a time tonight before slowly increasing from the south during the morning. By 10am a southerly breeze of 2 – 8 knots will be quite variable around Cowes, SSE to the east, S out of the Medina and SSW to the west. A slow backing trend more S – SSW is expected as the warm front approaches in the afternoon.

1000 - 1200 SSE-SSW 4-8kts
1200 - 1400 S-SSW 6-14kts
1400 - 1600 SSW 10-16kts
1600 - 1800 SSW 10-16kts


Saturday should start quite bright and even sunny, but cloud will increase with drizzle turning to more persistent rain in the mid to late afternoon as the warm front approaches. Once again maximum temperatures will struggle to reach 17 or 18C.