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  Forum for Raceboats who want paying crew
Posted by Peter Newlands on Tue Jun 19, 13:13 [3654-12087]
Hi Laurence. In many previous Cowes Weeks there was a forum for individual boat owners to effectively advertise for crew on the basis of them paying to race onboard. However this is no longer available. Presumably the Cowes Week organisation has been bought by the sponsored businesses of Sunsail and Solent Events to the exclusion of the smaller operators. Whilst wishing those organisations every success there are several other individual boat owners who provide an excellent service with well prepared boats and including entry fees, comprehensive inventory of race sails and requisite safety equipment. Some people may prefer to race on different boats to what your sponsors provide and importantly with experienced skippers who are known in advance and who they can communicate with. Can you provide the forum again for such situations?
  Forum for Raceboats who want paying crew
Posted by Laurence Mead on Sun Jul 08, 18:45 [3654-12119]
Hi Pete,

Yes it seems that this function was taken off the website.

I am looking at getting it back up for 2019 as a service to small local boats who operate in this area.


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