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  Distress Equipment
Posted by Roger Harvey on Wed Jun 13, 10:55 [3650-12072]
2.3.2 White Group Classes (see Table 4)
a. Boats shall comply with their class safety regulations (if any) and
with the current CWL Safety Regulations for Dayboat Classes.
b. Boats shall carry:
i. A marine band VHF transceiver.
ii. Visual means for attracting attention when in distress.

I am entered in the Squib Class; can you clarify what "visual means" are required?

Regards, Roger
  Distress Equipment
Posted by Laurence Mead on Thu Jun 14, 12:23 [3650-12079]
Flares or LED's will comply with this SI.

See my longer reply to a similar question which came up earlier today.

We do want all boats to be able to attract the attention of passing boats / helicopters / Lifeboats etc but we appreciate the option of using LED's rather than traditional flares.

Best regards,

Laurence Mead
Regatta Director
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