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Posted by Lisa Guy on Wed Jun 13, 00:20 [3649-12068]
Hi, Just putting this out there. RYA trying discourage flares as outmoded. Use omnidirectional, laser flare. (2013 YY article Elaine Bunting)

Are we still being asked to carry them. Given other sources of aids. Maybe smoke only?

Posted by Laurence Mead on Thu Jun 14, 11:42 [3649-12077]
Hi Lisa,

We had a long debate about this at Sailing Committee and the RYA advice was considered, along with the particular circumstances of having 800 boats on the water at the same time. It is felt that all boats do need a way of identifying themselves in the case of (for example) a helicopter pilot trying to pick a boat out in the crowd, The plan for 2018 is to STRONGLY suggest that all boats carry either White or Orange flares or LED versions thereof as a way of attracting attention.

The SI's are being written now and that needs final confirmation but that's the plan.

Attached test for your reference.
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