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Boat Name Sail Number Entrant
ABNORM 551 Sue Mclaughlin & Jon Evans
ALCHEMY 800 Graham Bailey
ALDEBARAN 153 Peter Jackson, Iain Jones
ALICE 777 Royal Victoria Yacht Club
ALLEGRO 134 Colm Dunne
AQUABAT 13 Steve Warren-Smith and Stu Rix
AQUARIUS 116 Jason Losty
ARCHIMEDES 822 Charlie and Babs Thomson
ARTEMIS 2 36 Philip Rust
ASPIRE 833 Caroline Martin
ATOM 512 Chris White
ATOMIC 137 Robin Harris and Mark Fowle
B OF THE BANG 854 Paul Hardy
BACCHANTE 858 Gez Brown and Harvey Worden
BLUE ORCA 904 Michael Brown
BRIMSTONE 73 Bryan Riley
BUCCANEER 20 Emma Baker and Sam Prime
BY THE LEE 868 Peter Marchant and Andy Biddle
CHILLI 156 Dick Holden
CLEVER DICK 810 Richard Sullivan and Sue Harper
CONTENT 232 Kieran Murphy
CRAZY DIAMOND 791 Joe Moncrieff Harry White
CROSSFIRE 797 David Best
DASH! 129 Roger Harvey & Will Harvey
DEBEN - BUOYS 902 Andrew Moore
DEFIANT 741 Bob Smales
DRAGONFLY 677 James Williams/Luke Symonds
EASY 83 Ian Brand and Nick Peel
ECHO 853 John Barton and Jennie King
ECLIPSE 227 M Briggs
ESAYES 849 Phil Snewin
ESME 632 Ian Savill
FESTINA LENTE 678 Louis Lappage
FIREBIRD 50 Oliver Hunt
FIRECRACKER TOO 640 Andrew Porteous and Jerry Westbrook
FIRESTREAK 627 Sally Everitt Julie Prime
FLORENCE 787 Shaun Hopkins and Janet Dee
GAME OF THRONES 899 Mike Banner
GHOST RIDER 758 Mike and Penny Fenwick
GREENFLY 473 William Bibby
GUY FAWKES 72 Phil Aspinall and Howie Enkel
HALCYON 737 Bill Daniels
HELMUT HYDEING 905 Nigel Grogan
HELMUT SHOING II 105 Nigel Grogan
HUMPHREY 823 Robert Coyle
ICARUS 687 Phil Russell & Ross Owen
IN THE PINK 43 Lloyd Crisp and Ian Turner
INCENDIO 33 David Lloyd and Mark Stones
INCOGNITO 558 Mr Ian Morgan
JESS 532 Scott and Charlie Holdstock
JUST IN TIME 883 Neil Fulcher
KACHINA 526 Chris Rust and James Vineer
KESTREL 835 Charlie White
LADY PENELOPE 819 Malc Hutchings and Andy Ramsey
LEE DECK 15 Martin Harrison and Tom Archer
LIZWHIZ 688 Ray Prime and Jim Holdstock
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT 736 Jason Phelps and Carl Anderson
MERLIN 437 Mark Ager
MOSQUITO 727 Ben Luddington
NEMESIS 806 Raymond Apthorp
OSPREY 808 Chris Gear and John Cornforth
OUTLAW 595 Ian Scott and Iona Martin
PANIMUNTA 128 Mike Probert and James Bryer
PANTHER 3 626 Alex and Mark Downer
PARTY HAT 881 Claire Turner and John Corby
PEREGRIN 706 Tamsin Baker and Sophie Baker
POSH TOTTY 842 Heidi Wright
PURE GENIUS 628 Chris Matthews and Dominic Crouch
QUANTUM 780 Eddie Harper and Steve Dadd
QUIDSIN 880 Mark and Ian Knights
RHAPSODY 596 Bill Currie and Jim Mitchell
RICO'SHEA 136 Josh Metcalfe and Mark Hogan
RUBY 40 David Cannell
RUBY 756 Mark Branagh
SATU 708 Kev and Marney Gibson
SEQUEL 246 Ian Osborne
SEVEN 111 David and Kristi Aisher
SHY TALK 901 Paul Young
SLIPSTREAM 102 David Ferris and Robert Marshall
SMACKEREL 131 Charlie and Ben Pearson
SPARKI 428 Lisa and Roger Guy
SPOOF 811 Micky Wright
SQUIB 11 Dick Batt
SQUIBBO 16 Matt Keely and Marc Moncrieff
SQUIDNEY 442 Dominic Losty
SQUIGGLE 142 Jono Brown and Chris Dunn
SUPERNOVA 605 Ian P Keely
SURPRISE 760 D Grindley and D Ross
TERN TURTLE 226 Paul Goldman
THRIFTY 601 Garner Brothers
TOP DOG 900 Tony Gibson and Paul Sleeman
VIPER 713 Craig and Emma Dymock
WHITE MAGIC 828 David Wines and Keith Davies
WIGHT TIGER 401 Amy Gaskin and George Downer
WIZARD 623 Chris Gibson
ZOOM 750 David Levison